Bed bugs are back and they a becoming a huge problem in Phoenix, Arizona. This is not a joke!! Bed Bugs are real and they want to eat your clients alive. Here in AZ at Bug Dog Pro we have a simple solution to this menace. A fully trained bed bug dog. Did you know a a dogs nose is over a million times more sensitive than humans and is much more effective than a visual inspection. Find them before your clients take them home. If you think your client may have them you find them before they spread. If your clients are a frequent travelers we recommend having a Bug Dog Pro K-9 Team inspection to sweep their luggage before they bring it into their homes.
Hotels, Apartments, Houses, Luggage, Movie Theaters, Furniture Stores, Storage Warehouses, Nursing Homes, Dorms, Call Centers and more.
Hiring a professional and effective K-9 team trained and certified by Bug Dog Pro is essential to your operation and will not only improve you accuracy, reliability and reputation but will also help put your mind at ease.

"sleep tight; don't let the bed bugs bite."
We offer our K-9 detection training services for people interested in making money with their dogs by training  people to find bed bugs or termites in both private and commercial applications preliminary or post extermination to better identify any existing or remaining problem areas before they get out of hand. There is no better detection device than a dogs nose. For hotels, apartments, or other clients you can provide certificates documenting that they are proactive and they have a clean report card to show their customers or future residents.
Welcome to Bug Dog Pro,  our professional detection services are extremely reliable and accurate, we will work around your schedule discreetly. We also train the best bed bug detection dog teams in the southwest. We made it so simple that anyone can do this.

Are your clients getting bitten in the middle of the night and can't figure out what is doing it? Have you searched and searched only to find nothing? Are you crazy? Probably not but that is for you to know. Our job here at Bug Dog Pro is to ensure that you have a good night sleep knowing your clients are bed bug alert free. Simple, fast, and affordable why wouldn't you do it for your clients?
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Bugs Can't Hide From Our K-9
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WARNING:  Not all K-9 bed bug detection teams are created equally.  Some pest control companies use there own in house dogs that were specifically trained to respond to evidence of bed bugs and not LIVE ONLY. This can create a conflict of interest.  Handlers are often poorly trained and lack experience  this results in frequent false responses which leads to OVERCHARGING for services that may not be needed by the client.  To avoid this issue make sure that the any dog conducting your searches are certified by BUG DOG PRO.  If you are not sure if your companies dogs will respond only to live infestations then feel free to contact us for an evaluation.
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Our Bed Bug Detection services are available Valley Wide and we will work with any pest control company we are discreet and accurate call your extermination company immediately and and tell them you ONLY want your search done by a Bug Dog Pro K-9 Team.