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Bed bugs are a problem.  They’re gross, they’re hard to find, and you can take them home with you. Imagine how your employees would feel if they got bedbugs from work.  what about several of them?

Pest control inspectors can and do miss bed bugs even then they know they are there.  This can lead to over treatment and additional unnecessary costs.  Adding a dog team your program reduces search time and increases effectiveness. 

Let one of our K-9 teams to locate areas of concern.  We can help you catch the any problem before it gets out of hand. 

A dog can do the job of 10 inspectors in less time and is far more effective.  Dogs can search large areas quickly with relatively little disruption to staff.  We are specialize in call centers, hotels, libraries, utility companies,tech companies, factories, offices,cubicles, hospitals, schools, auditoriums, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, apartments, vehicles, and even luggage.  

Our services integrate seamlessly with both large and small pest control companies. We provide after hour and emergency searches or can be used as part of any proactive pest management plan.

Our services can be discreet or as a cool company perk.  Ask us about our PR program.

No pest control company? No problem, we have a list of reputable pest control companies we work with in your area. 


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A Veteran K-9 Handler Founded Company. 


We specialize in commercial Bed Bug Inspections to keep the bed bugs at bay with Proactive detection, reactive responses and post treatment inspections.  Keep your employees happy and make them feel safe with Bug Dog Pro. 

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  • Active Infestation
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What We Can Do For You

Let our K9’s come to your location help your bed bug detection needs.  Bug Dog Pro is the perfect compliment to your existing pest control program.  We can work with any licensed pest control company. 

If you don’t have a pest control company we have an extensive list of companies who have used our services before and we will be happy to refer you to one. 

Pro-Active Measure

Regular inspections can catch a problems before they start and give peace of mind. Ohmmm


Active Infestation

Pinpoint hot spots and help contain the spread before it becomes a much bigger problem


Post Treatment

Make sure you are still bedbug-free after treatment by searching previously impacted areas.

Emergency & After Hours Available

We offer our services 24hrs a day. 

From Our Founder

Trust the dog.

In the Air Force one of my K9 training instructors told me “trust the dog” and it was one of the most valuable lessons  I ever learned.

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